Key Issues

Like many American manufacturing companies whose products must compete in a global market, cost is a significant challenge for Goodyear. Goodyear's goal in negotiations is to achieve a contract that improves its competitive position by addressing issues related to productivity and flexibility improvements in its factories, as well as health care benefits costs.


Goodyear's goal for its North American manufacturing operations is to be competitive within North America and with the rest of the world. Goodyear has invested in its plants with more modern equipment to produce its innovative products more efficiently. A workforce that's committed to the same goal is critical to the Goodyear's long term success, particularly as it remains committed to producing more of larger rim diameter (17” and above) Consumer tires that are in strong demand from customers.

Operational Flexibility

In a rapidly changing economic environment, Goodyear's facilities must have workers in the right place, at the right time, producing the right products at the right cost.

Health Care Benefits

Goodyear offers a comprehensive benefit package for its U.S. hourly and salaried employees. Goodyear, like many U.S. employers, continues to face rising medical benefits costs that outpace inflation.